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Shenzhen Shendingsheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shendingsheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of hardware accessories. The products are sold at home and abroad. It is a global supplier of hardware accessories and has a global reputation!

The company takes "high quality, reasonable price, best service" as its business philosophy. Satisfying the customer's orientation, is committed to providing customers with high quality and excellent service. Our company is also equipped with a professional product research and development team and an independent laboratory, in order to give priority to quality.

Main production: stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminum rivets, male and female nails, step nails, screw shaped parts, non-standard parts and precision cattle parts. Products are widely used in electronics, construction hardware accessories, sports equipment, stationery supplies, automotive accessories and other industries. Is a professional production of various specifications (length 2MM-150MM, diameter 1MM-10MM) non-standard semi-circular head rivets of various materials; flat head rivets, (large) flat head rivets; flat cone rivets, countersunk head rivets, flat spherical cross, semicircle Cross, half countersunk head cross, countersunk head cross, pan head cross, solid rivets, special rivets, aluminum welding nails, as well as various son and mother nails, car shafts and other hardware accessories.

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Business experience

Nearly 100 state-owned enterprises supporting service experience, familiar with state-owned enterprise requirements and standards

Customized operation, participating in the early product design, product link production line

Individual packaging, node BOM material control distribution and control, improve production efficiency

Factory direct supply

Direct supply from manufacturers, first-hand supply, high quality and cost-effective, can be invoiced

Professional customization of nearly 100,000 varieties, delivery to the nearest storage center, door-to-door delivery the next day

National standard, German standard, international standard, Japanese standard and other professional technical support, one-stop procurement

Production capacity

A full set of advanced equipment to ensure the quality of rivets, imported tooth rubbing machines, imported cold heading machines, imported lathes

Strict process, high-precision equipment, systematic management and control, IOS9001 certification

Precise size, designed on demand, tight combination, smooth rivets, perfect details

After sales service

Many years of rich supporting experience in the industry, excellent professional technical support team

Online technical staff guidance, point-to-point service, on-site problem solving

Providing product optimization design solutions to improve production efficiency and economic benefits

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